Soft Washing

Soft Washing is Gentle Yet Effective!

What is soft washing? It’s a technique we use in the industry to properly and efficiently clean the delicate, more fragile surfaces of your house. Though we use the same equipment to clean most areas, a special nozzle is used to soften the blow. Instead of using a jet stream with the force of 2000 PSI, we use a more gentle force at less than 500 PSI. Along with a softer stream we use cleaning agents to take care of the tough build up. 

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Vinyl or Wood Siding 

Tired of your home looking dull and dingy and would like to bring it back to its fullest potential. A good rinse could be all that’s needed. Some spend an extra amount of time and money in painting the exteriors. But you may be surprised to see how a soft clean can drastically improve the look of your home. 

In Virginia, many homeowners are concerned about mold build up. And rightfully so! It can cause many health problems not only at present, but the effects can linger years later. Soft rinsing is one of the best preventive measures you can take to kill and prevent mold issues. The health of your family is important. Why not take preventive measures today! 

Actual Before and After

Best Way to Clean the Deck

Soft washing is used for deck restoration. For most homeowners, the deck is a place for solitude, family dinners, and outright entertaining. A dinghy deck can be more than an eye sore. Is your deck preventing you from fully enjoying these occasions? 

Do you feel your deck needs way too much work such as sanding, painting, or staining? A good cleaning could be all it needs to revitalize that area! Many people choose this technique because it’s an eco-friendly way to bring wood back to its former glory without stripping the protective coating. With just a little cleaning, you can have a beautiful deck that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Our services can help your deck last for years to come. When you look at your deck you may not see harmful components that could actually be causing harm. We will blast away any harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew so that your deck can keep its integrity for years. Investing in a good rinse is investing in good times and enjoyable occasions with friends and family on your beautifully cleaned deck!


A dirty roof can be a very dangerous thing. Why is that? Roofs that have black or green streaks are usually showing signs of lichen, moss, and algae growth. Why are these so dangerous?  They can eat away at the limestone which can cause damage to the asphalt and shingles. If these issues are caught early enough significant damage like cracks and leaks can be prevented. 

A soft cleaning is the best defense to fight these harmful agents. With this technique we use chemical agents that destroy moss and algae and prevent them from coming back. 

Are Soft Washing Chemicals Safe?

Since the late 90s, cleaning agents used to effectively clean exteriors have been completely biodegradable. They are also non-hazardous, meaning it’s safe to have plants, animals, or children around the house.

We use cleaning agents because they pick up where pressure doesn’t. Especially for the more delicate surfaces. If the structure can withstand pressure, we will introduce the cleaning solution. 

You can think of it this way: Imagine you have a silk piece of clothing that has a spot. You could scrub and scrub until the stain sort of lifts. Or you can take it to a dry cleaning professional who knows how to clean it without compromising the silk. Similarly, with soft washing, you are giving your softer surfaces a gentle clean that will not harm the integrity.

Better to DIY Soft Washing?

When you set out to do a job yourself, you can gain a real feeling of satisfaction. Another big motivating force for a DIY-er could be trying to find ways of saving money. Between YouTube and Google you can find a ton of content based on the search searching “how to pressure wash”.  But does that mean you should be taking this on yourself?

Something to consider is the amount of power you are blasting from the equipment. A typical nozzle shoot outs force at 2000 PSI. By way of comparison, the average garden hose uses about 50 PSI. That is a lot of power. And without the proper training, it can be very dangerous. Each year the DIY-ers are sent to the emergency room from accidents related to these sorts of projects.

Another point to consider is the safety of your property. Not knowing how to properly apply force when rinsing or even how to properly mix chemicals can lead to significant damage for your siding, fence, wood surfaces, plants, stucco, roof and brick.

The money you think you are saving in attempting a project on your own can easily be absorbed in medical bills or costly repairs. Our technicians are trained and certified to provide a safe and powerful clean. Skip out on the  headache of doing it yourself  and hire a professional!

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