Gutter Cleaning

Clean Your Gutters the Right Way

Many homeowners will agree that cleaning gutters can be the most dreaded chore. Some put it off for ages. But is this a task that should be put off for too long? What happens when they go neglected? Just how important is it that this task gets done? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t let clogs sit too long. 

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Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clear

Clogs can be very damaging to your house. When gutters become overwhelmed by leaves and other foliage, they become a holding vessel for water. Keeping water close to your exteriors can increase the risk of leaks. The risk increases in the winter time when snow and ice build up in the drainage system, not allowing any movement. 

Actual Before and After

A compromised drainage system can be a very serious thing. Gutters are put in place for a reason and play a big part in protecting your home from wetness. A functioning system will direct rainfall away from your house and foundation. When not working properly, water can start to accumulate at your home, weakening the soil and even sinking the foundation. 

Moisture can also work away at the integrity of the wood in your home. It’s weakened by the damp environment which can allow for growth of mildew and mold. Left alone it can even start to spread to the interior. 

Clogged gutters can also be a welcoming home for bugs, critters, and small rodents. They can multiply and even start making their way inside, becoming an even bigger problem! Soon you may be on your way to finding an exterminator. 

Should You DIY Your Gutters?

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most dreaded chores. Why so? They are high up. They require you to be on a ladder in an awkward position to reach and move around. Trying to perform this task has caused many to fall and suffer serious injuries. 

You may not have all the proper equipment required to perform this task. 

Don’t put yourself at risk if you don’t need to. Hire a professional today for this service. We have the proper training and equipment to effectively clean your gutters. Don’t let too much time go by.  

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