Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing Your Roof

How important is your roof? It protects you from rain, wind, snow, hail, and heat. Imagine if it failed to defend you against just one of those elements. If you had to, could you pick which one? Hopefully you never have to experience that.  It’s one of those things that you don’t give too much thought to until something goes wrong. At this point, the damage is most likely done.

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It’s also a huge part of the overall aesthetic of your house. We’ve all seen them, housetops that are grimy and dirty looking. What an eyesore! You can spot it from a mile away.  As a homeowner who takes pride in your property, you no doubt want to keep it in top shape to increase its value overtime. 

Typically pressure rinsing uses force over 1000 PSI. That power is just too much for shingles to withstand. How can you protect your it and also give it a pristine look? Soft cleaning is the answer!

Signs to Look Out For

Many homeowners allow their roof to become grimy and dirty. We’ve all seen the black streaks and green overgrowth that shows up. Are those harmless signs just a cosmetic issue? Sadly, no. 

Even though it is unsightly, discoloration is much more serious. It could be a sign of algae or fungi. These can cause much damage, leaving you with costly repairs.

What is Harming Your Roof

Keeping a roof clean can be very tricky. We can see the discoloration from afar and may not think twice about it. How much thought should be given to the health of our housetops? What are the things we should know when it comes to harmful irritants?


We typically think of algae as being a bright green color and in a body of water. But it looks much different on your house. From afar it appears to be black and streaky, but it’s actually dark green. It is commonly found in climates with warm humid summers, which makes that perfect for the Gloucester area.

How serious are those black streaks? They are actually staining your asphalt shingles. To get your shingles looking normal again you can replace them with new ones dark enough to disguise the stain. Or you can hire a pressure washing company to effectively clean it with soft washing. 

With our soft rinsing service we use a force that is gentle enough so as to not cause damage. We also use agents special for algae so that it prevents it from coming back. We can take these steps to protect your roof from ugly stains that bring down your home’s value.


Moss may be “pretty” to look at, resembling a magical forest. But the effects that it can have are anything but pretty. Unlike dirt or debris, moss grows. So that means the more time it’s left alone, the more damage it spreads. 

What sort of damage can moss cause? It carries a lot of moisture. It can sit on the surface like a wet towel adding moisture to your shingle. Overtime they can warp and lift, resulting in major damage. 

Our solution to moss problems is a soft wash. With the correct amount of force, we add cleaning agents that not only rinse moss away but help prevent it from growing back! 


Lichen is an invasive organism that grows on many exteriors. Pronounced “liken”, there’s nothing we are “likin’” about it! It’s made up of fungus and algae that likes to produce and spread. You can identify by its array of colors. It can take on yellow, brown, green, blue, gray, white, and black. 

Like moss, its danger lies in its moisture. Once it’s attached to a surface it can dampen it.  In cold temperatures it actually frosts over, accelerating its harm even more. If damage is done the life expectancy of the surface can actually be shortened. 

Because lichen attaches itself with a hard grip, a solid defense is recommended. Our soft washing technique can be tough enough to fight lichen, yet gentle enough to not cause any further damage to your shingles. 

Soft Washing- Just Right For an Old Roof 

An old housetop can bring a lot of character to a house. But it may need some more TLC than expected. A regularly scheduled rinsing could be just what the doctor ordered. On more fragile exteriors we use pressure that is just a little more than your garden hose. Before we spay it down we add a detergent to the surface. This works away build up that can be harmful like dirt, debris, mud, grime, soot, and other residue. Once this is gently rinsed away you are left with a surface that is clean and prepped to take on Virginia conditions. 

Should I DIY a Soft Wash For My Roof?

Some attempt to perform this service on their own. Equipped with a ladder and rented pressure washing equipment from the Home Depot, they attempt to get an effective clean that won’t harm their roof. But how realistic is this expectation when you take on this DIY project?

Maneuvering up a ladder with clunky equipment can put you at risk for a pretty bad fall. And use of the machine directly on the top can cause much damage when the pressure from the nozzle is turned up too high.

When this task is not done by a trained technician the desired results can be minimal. It’s unlikely that an untrained homeowner can yield a deep and gentle clean that a roof requires. Gloucester Pressure Washing puts their technicians through the best training so that they are well qualified to produce fine results, satisfaction guaranteed!

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